The Investor’s Republic of Jottonia

Jottonia is different things to different people: To some it is a real-time economic simulation; to others, a chat room; to some it is a game. But to most players it is much more than a game – it is a way of life.

Become a Jottonian citizen and realize the Jottonian dream

Jottonia is a massively multiplayer nation simulation based around stock trading and related (more or less dubious) business. Most players try to make money by buying and selling shares. Others may find work as journalists or loan sharks, or you may have a new idea to make money.

Did you predict THAT one?

Stock trading - it’s easy – ‘Buy low, sell high’. But you will be competing against other players from all over the world. Should you buy now or wait for the price to drop further? What if another player make a big investment and the price rises? You will have lost your opportunity. And if the price falls? Your profit becomes a loss. Did the oil tanker crash? Could you predict the increase in oil prices?

Not really into stock trading? Get a job or form your own business!

In Jottonia you have many choices making the game extremly interactive. Will you be a stock trader or will you become a freelancer and write articles for our newspaper? Maybe arguing is your thing? Why not go to our lawschool and battle it out with an opponent in court? Law and order is not your style? Why not join a political party and run for office or join a gang and wreak havoc on the citizens. In Jottonia the possibilities are endless.

You are welcome to immigrate to Jottonia and settle wherever you want

As with any country there are many things happening. Keep up-to-date in the lounges - whether your interest is politics, gambling, news or just chatting over a beer, there’s a place for you. You can boost your social status by purchasing the right goods: An expensive car, a golf villa, even a private army if you have the cash. You can hire Secret Agents for your personal protection, or use them to attack another players. But if you get caught you could end up in front of the Judge.

Want a new car? Buy it. No one will ask if you earned or stole the money.

What makes Jottonia special?

In Jottonia, every player is a part of the game. Every player influences events. If a lot of players panic and sell everything, the price drops. Also, Jottonia is a dynamic game. It is being continuously improved by its developer. Players may offer advice and skills to improve the game. Although it is free for everyone to play, you can choose to contribute to the game's further development and purchase additional features for a modest sum of money.

You can interact with other players as you play, making new friends (or enemies) and having a good time. Unlike other games, Jottonia never ends, and it's constantly evolving as people play. Even better, the participants may suggest how to improve the game! There is no game over, no racing the clock. Everyone in Jottonia get the same chances.